Alchemy of  Sound

A workshop designed to


Mind  * Body * Spirit

through Sound.

Join me for a 2 day workshop where sound teaches us how to harmonize our mind, body and spirit.

The workshop begins with a 2 hour introduction to meditation and sound healing. 

This 2 hour workshop is based on my own journey of  personal healing through sound and meditation.  Simple excersises on how to bring ourself into a space of complete peace and awareness as we follow the sound of the gongs into a healing meditation.

The second part of this workshop details the incredible power of sound and how we can utilize sound to help us remain balanced as we live our lives.

Visualization through the balancing of our charaks will also be introduced as we bring our awareness to meet our inner voice.  

All participants are encouraged to bring thier own sound instrument (not required) as we make friends with the energy of sound as we collectively create the alchemy of sound. 

April 24 & 25

 Gateways To Transformation

     Farm & Retreat Center

         4979 4200 Road,

       Crawford, CO 81415

Part 1   April 24   7 - 9pm 


Part 2   April 25   8am -12pm   


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