Life has a way of picking us up and leading us down roads that we could never have imagined.  I was born and raised in the East  never imagining back then that I would now call New Mexico my home.  

I've spent my life meandering down many of these unimagined roads learning life lessons.  Dealing with the ebb and flow that life brings to us. I was plagued with a depression that was always present.  Grief from not knowing myself.  Addictions, any all became my friends.  And then, there was the Cancer. 

I had to find my road of healing.


I found an ancient sound on one of these roads.  

A Sound from another dimension,

A Sound with it's own vibration.

A Sound that touches you.


The Gongs, they play me.  I open myself up to the channel of healing that these sounds want to bring.   I begin with a prayer.  It's so important. The sounds they always follow my prayer.

My Gongs they have taken me to wonderful places healing places and this gift of sound is my medicine to share. 


 I offer my meditations regularly in my hometown of Taos, NM


The Gongs and myself are also found on the western slope of Colorado and as far west as California.  

The Gongs, the sound, the healing. 


It just touches you

Margarita Monleon

Spiritual Alchemist

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