Life has a way of picking us up and leading us down roads that we could never have imagine traveling.

I've spent my life meandering down many of these unimaginged roads. 

Plagued by a cancer that seemed to follow me through my adult life I was finally placed in a postition to meet this illness head on - the battle for my life. 

That's when Gongs came to me.

I still, to this day,  rememeber that very first sound of the Gong and how it made me feel.  I just knew that that  the strange haunting sound was going to fight the tumor that was growing inside me. 

That was more then 6 years ago.

The Gongs, were not finished with me after my own illness.  

Shortly after my recovery, my father fell ill and I found myself reaching towards the gongs for that same comfort and healing, but unforunately,  the woman who held these gong meditations was not around any more.  Sadden by this, I kept hearing a voice inside me to get my own gongs.  I could barlely afford my rent, how could I ever afford to get a gong.

It was shortly after my father's passing that my brother told me I had just a little inheritence coming my way.  I took that money and bought my gongs.

Having never played the gongs  I was at a loss as to what to do.  It came to me one morning to approach the gong in prayer and ask them  to teach me how to play them. 

Like magic, I found myself following  sounds that just "took me" and I let them.

I have been told by people who have listened to me play that the Gongs, they play me.  I like that.  

Yes, the Gongs, they really do play me.

For the last couple of years I have taken to the road with my Gongs. I have been fortunate to play in some incredible places from Santa Fe, NM to the Western Slope of Colorado including Crested Butte, Hodgekiss, Montrose and Boulder as well as Mount Shasta, California and my very favorite place to play, my hometown of Taos, NM.

I look forward to continuing down this road I am on with my Gongs.  

It's a good road!

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